Why winning is important

Winning new customers is one of the most challenging aspects facing business today.

Increased competition, both domestically and internationally, means that it’s imperative that we stay ahead of the game by constantly adding value and providing creative, customer-centric solutions.

fWinning and retaining business should be the key drivers or all organisations.  Nothing happens until a sale has been made.  No wages can be paid; no new investments made; no human resources or management improvement initiative can be launched.  Healthy sales nourish and energise.  But while this is something of an obvious point to make, many organisations stumble at the first hurdle.

In writing our blogs, we want to share our experiences and offer some practical guidelines and advice on how you can improve your business development performance –  A Winning Pitch!

These blogs are for everyone that thinks that …

  • their growth could be better
  • their skills could be improved
  • their customer base could be expanded

It’s also for the professional who can identify with some (or all) of these thoughts …

  • you often wonder whether you really understand the full market potential of your offer
  • a contract was won by a competitor – and you didn’t even know it was up for grabs
  • you’re finding it difficult to get a meeting with key decision makers
  • you always feel like you’re talking to audiences that appear distinctly uninterested
  • you didn’t quite address the prospect’s needs
  • you keep losing contracts that you thought were in the bag
  • your quotations never seem to hit the mark

In our blogs we aim to share with you how you can improve your business development performance, because, after all, the two key components to corporate growth and sustainability are effective business development and customer retention.

We want to see you and your business achieve “Winner Status”.  We want to see you implement innovative practices that will create balanced customer portfolios.  Embed Winning Pitch themes into your behaviour and you will reap the rewards of customers that provide you and your business with fame, a future, fun AND PROFIT!  Feel the impact of a Winning Sales Approach.

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